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3: Sati & Creation’s First Love Story

Creation has always been a process of trial and error starting from the big bang or what the Vedas teach as the utterance of the bija (seed) sound of creation, OM. Like all trial and error processes, we are still evolving through the parts that do not work so well for the whole. These are parts we disown and exclude despite being part of us. Sanatana Dharma’s creation stories begin with its own Holy Trinity, very similar to Christianity’s Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the forms of Lords Bhrama, Vishnu and Shiva . They are not a polytheistic version of “GOD,” as much as the agents of God’s conscious (Atman or Brahman).
Lord Brahma, the father of creation, and Lord Vishnu, the son in charge of its preservation, were having struggles in the early days of making the universe. There were conflicts, divisions and worst of all, beings created that would not procreate. They knew they needed the help of Lord Shiva. Shiva, who as the Holy Spirit was...
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