Be•ology 101

A Foundation of Holistic Health

Learn the fundamentals BEING healthy by understanding what "holistic" actually means. The course explores the fundamentals of Be•ology as a holistic paradigm for health. This information can be applied to anyone for any health challenge or to support your well-being as a true preventative health measure. You will transform your perspective of health, illness and healing so your life choices naturally align to support you. It is the missing blueprint needed to effectively navigate the vast complexity of healing approaches available today. This class was pre-recorded allowing you to move through the knowledge at your own pace. For more individualized guidance you can add five personal 1:1 sessions for a 10% discount. 



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You will learn: 

  • The fundamental building blocks of being healthy and achieving wellness.
  • A holistic understanding of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of health.
  • The role of our environment and relationships on health.
  • A trauma-informed perspective of illness.
  • The importance of cultivating coherence.
  • To discern the landscape of healing modalities uniquely for you.

Course Includes:

  • 8 Pre-recorded 90 minute sessions
  • 6 month access to recordings for self-paced approach to learning
  • Simplified take home points
  • Bonus: Contemplation practices
  • Bonus: Blueprint of Health Modalities
  • Bonus: Health Inventory
  • Option: 1:1 Consultations

Course Modules

Unpacking Me

We do not know ourselves until we consciously journey in-ward. Our first module is an overview of the multidimensional anatomy of being healthy. We will explore the universal aspects of being human along with the more unique aspect of our individual needs.

The Physical 

Our attention to health tends to be body centric. Yet, the complexity of the body is deeper than its tissue and DNA. We will learn how our bodies are a synthesis of the world around us. We will discover their extraordinary adaptive and communicative capacities too. This module will expand your perspective of the body's genius. 

The Emotional

Feelings are intrinsic to our nature and ignored when it comes to our health. We will explore "feeling science"  and how essential it is to our health. Emotional intelligence is a capacity we all have. It  develops as we allow ourselves to feel our feelings.  We will learn about digesting our emotions with precision as part of being healthy.

The Mental

We place a lot of weight on the mental capacities of our brain with little thought to the impact of our beliefs and attitudes on our health. Perspectives formed to adapt to stressors and adversities need to be revised as we mature and integrate our experiences. We will learn to reframe our mental capacities to expand our intelligence and restore our health.

The Subtle

The Soul is our most subtle expression of being. We are part of life with it and depart life without it. Yet, its influence in our health and illness is not understood. We will dive into the nature of the subtle reality of soul and source of our uniqueness. It is an important dimension of our health and healing.




The space between nature and nurture is a mystery until we include the alchemy of relation. We affect all life around us and it affects us. Our survival is embedded in healthy capacity to relate. We will take a deeper look at how this interplay informs our health.


Preserving natural order is key to health. Disruptions leading to disease and disorders are multidimensional. This includes adverse and traumatic life events across generations. We tend to confuse our symptoms as the illness and loose site of the root cause. This module will reframe how you understand illness.


Healing is an innate capacity intrinsic to all living beings. It is a process that requires the right context to support it. It is also a non-linear, multi-layered process unique to each of us. We will go over the universal aspects of healing while including our unique needs when considering the various healing modalities available.


  • Curated and trustable knowledge
  • Personal empowerment with your health
  • Transformative approach to health challenges
  • Awareness of your unique nature
  • Understanding the landscape of alternative healing modalities

The days of saying, "I wish I knew...that someone had told me," are over.

-Ruchi Puri, MD Msc FACOG



Sessions were pre-recorded over ZOOM so you can move through the course at your own pace. You can access recordings for all modules for 6-months after the class ends.

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