We are in a phase of strong collective change. Our challenges are a call to heal the past, explore our present, and evolve into a coherent global humanity.  Join me in these free monthly zoom gatherings to explore challenging experiences that are personally and collectively poignant. Curing our history of divisiveness requires more than our individual work. Our collective exploration in safe containers can harness resolution through practicing PRESENCE. 



Learning to recognize our inner experience in relationship to the challenging world around us is a skill. It takes practice and a nourishing environment. We can learn to cultivate this skill together in community and catalyze the synergy to meet this moment as a collective answer.








Thanks to her amazing teachings and practices, I can access deeper places of my being and I am at peace with how my life is unfolding. I wish I had more ‘Ruchi like’ people in my life even when she plays the ‘uncomfortable partner’ to support my transformation.

-Maria Marc, Executive Coach


Healing Healthcare

We are all treading in unprecedented times of change, especially in the healthcare system. Many of us are burnt out and feeling more stressed out than ever without hope. This is a way to presence the reality we are in and process what seems impossible in our workday. A chance to regenerate a sense of camaraderie with each other and restore a calling we share. 


Brown & Female 

Being brown often gets lost in the glare of polarization. The history of brown and female is a cloak of invisibility. While we accept unspoken barriers and challenges as normal, our own blindness to the "othering" is woven into sacrificing part of ourselves to move forward.  Here is a space to explore belonging, presence our experience, and discover what we lost along the way.


Embodying Womanhood

You are invited to join me this year while I'm on this journey to explore the Devi and learn what it means to embody Shakti in my life as a women. I believe that the Devi through her legacy models many of the qualities women need today as we strive to manifest our potential and confront the social inequities we experience daily. Her transmission is one of wisdom and empowerment. 


The Feminine & Collective Trauma

Containing pain is an innate capacity of The Feminine but so is healing it. As females, we bear the brunt of human inequity even as we advance forward without  healing the past. Coming to an honest exploration of our imprints is an induction to feel our pain and  courageously enter healing. Changing the vast net of injustice begins by caring for our pain and liberating our power.


Healing Begins Here

Take your next step. Dive into the deep well of presence.

Get Course Correct