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Be•ology is a holistic paradigm reframing the nature of illness and process of healing.
It says we are healthy when our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions are intact and synchronized in our inner and outer experience. Healing is a process that restores our coherence and can require several types of modalities.
Navigating the informational complexity of health today is overwhelming.  Be•ology teaches you a blueprint for navigating health & wellness. 






The days of saying, "I wish I knew, that someone had told me," are over.

-Ruchi Puri, MD Msc FACOG


Be•ology 101

Foundation of Holistic Health

Healing is a process that is unique to each of us. There are essential elements that are universal all of us. When we start to include them into our understanding, the complex nature of illness becomes easier to understand. It is clear that there is more than just medicine available to us, but it is hard to understand which alternatives are useful. This class is a blueprint outlining a holistic paradigm of health that simplifies the architecture and alchemy of healing. 

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Upgrade Stress

Stress is so endemic in our lives, we accept it as a normal part of reality. It is not normal. The truth is, living in a chronic state of stress hurts us. This class explains what stress is and how it affects our health. Stress is an invitation to embrace our growing edge of development. We can transform our lives if we are willing to develop through the lessons stress brings. It is the way to fulfill the potential we carry. This class will give you the "how to"  approach of transcending the difficulty and challenges of "STRESS."

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Getting Grounded

Embodiment is a fundamental aspect of being whole. Most of us do not know what this means, let alone how to do it. Being embodied, requires us to be in our bodies, have a relationship to them and listen to the intelligence our bodies are communicating to us all the time. This class is a roadmap to understanding the language of the body. You will learn to access a reservoir of support by being grounded in your experience of life. It's not about our circumstances as much as how we meet them. 

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