Stepping into PRESENCE is leaving the solo journey of healing behind you. We can do the heavy lifting together and  amplify our potential for transforming our greatest pain into extraordinary potential. Small group environments are uniquely crafted for collaborative healing. These are small coaching groups that form on a rolling basis. The begin once their are 6-9 participates able to commit to these 6 week program. Please fill out the form for the program you are interested in participating in.



Is restoring coherence in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of being. We begin by attuning to our inner experience in relation to our external one. When we are simultaneously witnessed in attune relation, the intimacy melts our pain and harvests healing.  


Life moves too quickly to process the stress, pain and emotional soup that comes with the beginnings and ends that can transpire during pregnancy. Our current medical system leaves little space or time to digest difficult moments that can be part of pregnancy, let alone fully respond to the depth of our questions.
As women, we have our own rhythm and inner complexity, which needs to be honored, not rushed. We need to feel safe, be held spaciously and supported in slowing down to become fully present with what we feel.
The Presencing Pregnancy programs are environments for healing in a nurturing and empowering manner. For many of us, self compassion is difficult to harness without support and reflections we trust. These programs combine the transformational power of group healing work with the benefits of individualized guidance and expertise.








Ruchi is an accomplished doctor who offers so much more than medicine.  She has an ability to tune into what I need beyond what I recognize for myself.  Her warm, compassionate  capacity to hold space facilitates discovery.  Ruchi is the perfect model of the much needed healer who attends to body, mind, spirit and Soul, beautifully.

-Betsy Ern, Writer



Getting pregnant is not a smooth journey for everyone. The hurdles we experience are calling us to deeper awareness of needs requiring our attention and relational support. 



The grief that comes with pregnancy loss is deep. For many, it exists buried. In silence we feel the reverberations. They are a call for healing this pain and making space for new possibility.



This difficult choice leaves deep imprints. The origins can pre-date us. Symptoms of the past persist even when it was our best choice. What was impossible for us then is waiting to heal now.


Birth Trauma

Birth threatening life comes with ripples of fear effecting us until we can find a healing relation to digest it with. We are meant to do this with support grounding us is in a safe nourishing space.


Healing Begins Here

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