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4: Dakshayani Shakti Peeth: Humility

The journey to Dakshayani  Shakti Peeth is not easy. Dakshayani, meaning daughter of Daksha, feels like the right place to begin. It is also in one of the holiest places on earth. Located along the banks of Lake Manasarovar in the southeastern part of Tibet, technically Tibet Autonomous Region of China. It is at the edge of the Himalayas and very close to the borders of India and Nepal. All the money in the world would not have made it easier to get here. Money may not be the rate limiting factor we believe it to be. I imagine, this is the first of many lessons awaiting me this year. It is immediately clear that embarking on this Shakti Pilgrimage is not just rocking up to a bunch of temples. The trip begins with discovering what I am made of from within, rather than any taste of shakti prevailing from the outside.
Travel to Tibet post-Covid is just starting to come back. Routes through Nepal or India are not options yet, leaving me to go through mainland China....
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