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1: The Inspiration

I feel impotent in my life. It has been this way ever since I can remember.  How I think about it has changed with a tremendous amount of effort. A journey of healing that remains in progress. Today, I would say that I struggle with "agency." The feeling of power in my actions to produce a particular outcome in my life. This is different from control over my life, which is a bit of a myth. Control over life belongs to a realm of greater forces beyond any human. Rightfully so. Agency is a capacity.  It is first nurtured in us as children when our yeses and noes are heard and respected. In time we deepen it like any skill we cultivate. Agency is the capacity to meet what shows up in my life and look it straight in the eye. Agency and embodied empowerment go hand in hand. 
As a woman, a "colored" woman, more precisely a "wheat-ish" woman, I know the experience of disempowerment. It feels imposed on me. I feel it as an absence of my on intrinsic experience of...
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