Healing Healthcare

We are all feeling the challenges of working in the medical system today. Self-sacrifice to keep up is not sustainable. It is time we care for ourselves in a safe container and become the change we want to see. We are the system we create. Become part of a community during these free monthly zoom meetings to presence and explore being a healthy system.


Healing Healthcare

Building a healing and supportive community together

Presencing  Healthcare Workers

You are invited to learn the practice of PRESENCE, as we explore our relationship to working as Healthcare Professionals. This forum is for all types of healthcare workers participating in the medical system interested in cultivating an environment of safety to explore tender issues affecting us daily.

During our 90 minute gatherings, we drop into to our inner experience of the work challenges we face. Each time, we will attune to ourselves, each other and the collective body of healthcare. At times we may breakout into smaller groups if needed. Through sharing and being witnessed, we can grow more transparency in how we choose to cope. This is an experiential practice in which we can experiment with new approaches to having healthier relationships with each other.


Join the community

Free monthly gatherings presencing the challenges of working in healthcare today.