Embodying Womanhood

Join a community of women  interested in supporting each other embody their potential as woman through the practice of presence. There are particular challenges that come with being female that can catalyze our empowerment when we collaborate together and honestly share the reality of our experiences. It is a great opportunity for those curious to explore the Divine Feminine as a resource of well-being in our modern times.


Embodying Womanhood

Building a healing and supportive community together

Presencing  Womanhood

You are invited to learn the practice of PRESENCE, as we explore the state of our womanhood. This forum is for women curious about the Sacred Feminine, Shakti, and The Devi as resources to embodying a healthy experience of femininity in a caring and collaborative space. 

During our 60 minute gatherings, we drop into to our inner experiences of being female and its challenges.  Each time, we will attune to ourselves, each other and the collective. At times we may breakout into smaller groups if needed. Through sharing and being witnessed, we can grow more transparency in our experiences as woman.  This is an experiential practice in which we can experiment with new approaches to embodying the divine feminine to live healthier. 


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Free monthly gatherings presencing womanhood


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